Meet Scott // Winner of the 2017 Fall Atlas Fitness Challenge

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When Scott heard about our 6-week challenge, he had never even stepped foot in Atlas. He took a chance, and signed up the day before check-in. Because of his travel schedule, he rarely made it back to the gym during those six weeks. He did his provided “road workouts” every day and followed all of Coach Sammy’s diet guidance. His results are truly outstanding, the best we have ever seen.

To measure the results of the challenge we use the gold standard in body composition analysis- DexaFit. This machine measures with 99% accuracy, the changes that occurred in Scott’s body in only 6 weeks. He lost 15 pounds of PURE FAT and gained a whopping 11 pounds of straight muscle! He lost three pounds of android fat and an entire pound of visceral fat- making him a
truly healthier person. Visceral fat is found deep in our abs, around our organs like the liver,pancreas, and intestines. This type of fat is consistently linked to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, hormonal imbalances, some cancers, sleep apnea, and more.

Below Scott shares his story of how the challenge improved his life.

Chicago Fitness Challenge

So I woke up one day and felt, well, not great, I looked at my beautiful wife put on her running gear and head for the door. As I stumbled towards the bathroom, still half asleep, I realized something, I was really fat and more importantly unhappy. All those around me including my wife had routines that worked for them. My wife, an avid runner was weeks from achieving her
lifelong goal of running the marathon and I, well, I was a blob.

I knew that I had to do something about it but the reality was that I always had struggled with weight. The very next day I had a business dinner with some colleagues and friends and we were reliving stories about “the good ole days” when we were able to do things that today seemed really not possible. I openly discussed my desire to get back into “good shape”. At the dinner table, a friend of mine called me out, he asked me if I would participate in a “six-week challenge” at Atlas Performance and CrossFit. I immediately got scared by the notion of trying something new, again, especially CrossFit.

My buddy JS, who has always invited me to Atlas, had gotten other folks from our company to attend various classes with him and the results were mixed. Everyone thought it was a great workout but one of my buddies ended up with his head in a trash can about halfway through a TRX class. When JS called me out at the dinner table, I kept imagining me experiencing that same “head in the trash can” moment, however, I agreed to try.

After getting myself past the initial hesitation to join the class, the rest was really fun. Don’t get me wrong the Atlas 6-week challenge was really intense and took a great deal of commitment however the support from the instructors and team members was amazing.

Although I travel very heavily for work, and could only workout with the team once a week, I felt very connected to the entire group. The camaraderie I felt even from a group text was pretty amazing. This upbeat supportive atmosphere really helped me want to do my best.

During my six weeks, I logged my food daily, stopped drinking any booze, and committed to working out a minimum of four times per week, however, I felt truly committed to making a change. I do think that the Atlas staff and culture make this environment one where people can be successful. I was motivated to workout every day no matter what city I was in; Lima, Peru, Philly or Chicago.

The fact that the six-week challenge incorporated, nutrition, health and sleep really made this undertaking something that I felt was holistic and all-encompassing. That combined with the support of the team; both staff and team
members made the six-week challenge achievable and truly enjoyable.

I lost a total of 15 lbs of fat put on 11 lbs of muscle and I feel fantastic. I am happy with the way my clothes fit again and I even started shopping for new clothes, which is not like me at all. I have a lot more energy to play with my kids and my wife is really excited that I am making a well-concerted effort to keep this momentum going. I continue towards my end fitness goal
which I am well on my way to achieving thanks to Atlas and the six-week challenge.