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Here at Atlas Performance and CrossFit, we think everyone is an athlete, and think you all deserve to train like one. Not every athlete requires the same type of training, which is why we specialize in variety. At Atlas Performance and CrossFit, we offer 9 different types of programs. At our core, we are a CrossFit gym, but we also offer longer endurance style training to supplement your strength training, for what we believe is the key to all around physical fitness. Here is what you can expect at Atlas Performance and CrossFit:

Coaches with experience, expertise, and passion.
We don’t expect anyone to walk in and be a master CrossFit athlete. Even our members that have been doing CrossFit for years, are always working to improve their skills. Our coaches are here to help you progress through the movements safely. You can expect them to be armed with countless modifications of movements to account for personal limitations or injuries. They will also offer effective progressions to help you build up strength and movement proficiency so you can reach your skill and strength goals. Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, and encouraging are just a few of the words we use to describe our team of coaches.
Intensity is at the core of the CrossFit methodology, and here at Atlas we fully embrace this principle. No one has ever accused CrossFit of being too easy, but that doesn’t mean that CrossFit is too hard for some people, it just means that you can expect to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Everything is scalable to your individual limitations, but plan on leaving feeling like you just worked as hard as you possibly could! Intensity is what really sets CrossFit apart from other workout routines- and it is what will keep you coming back for more. Warning: the incredible feeling of triumph after completing a workout, and sharing that feeling with your fellow CrossFitters is addicting.
An amazing community.
Yes we love to work out together, but we also like to cook together, eat together, drink together, and party together! We are so proud of the strong, inclusive community we have created. We welcome absolutely everyone, from all walks of life to be part of our amazing, unique, and motivating CrossFit community.

At Atlas Performance and CrossFit we like to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, which is why we have a separate space in our gym entirely dedicated to our Atlas Performance Classes. These are longer endurance classes that incorporate elements of HIIT, Speed-Agility-Quickness, and Sports Specific Training. We use a combination of bodyweight, dumbbells/kettlebells, and high intensity cardio circuits. To read more about these classes, click here.

So here we go, time to
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New to CrossFit?

Start with our one-on-one Elements Program. For more information and to Sign-up Click here.

Elements at Atlas CrossFit
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Ready to take the plunge and try CrossFit? Atlas Performance and CrossFit is the perfect place to start, we are extremely beginner friendly. Our favorite part about what we do is watching our new athletes progress from beginners to proficient movers.

Everyone who is new to CrossFit will start with our one-on-one elements session. This 60-90 minute session is scheduled at your convenience with one of our experienced coaches. During the session, the coach will take you through the fundamentals of CrossFit, focusing on your individual needs and problem areas. We do not expect you to leave this session knowing everything there is to know about CrossFit, rather, the purpose of this session it to make sure you move through the movements safely.  After your session, for the first 3 months of your membership, every coach will be able to see that you are new to CrossFit, just by looking at the class roster. They will know to spend a little extra time with you and offer assistance without you having to ask. We also offer personal training sessions if you want additional one-on-one guidance prior to joining a CrossFit class. The session is $99, but if you make any type of membership purchase, that entire amount is applied to your first membership payment, making the session free.